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Fashion Trends And Their Influence On Society

Fashion isn’t just about wearing fancy clothes, stylish shoes or having an amazing hair style. It is much more than that. It is more important than what most people give it credit for.

Generally when a clothing brand comes out with a hot new collection, every one rushes to buy their products. What people don’t realize is that we don’t buy clothes, instead we buy the idea and the essence behind those clothes and that idea or essence is what fashion is all about. Some clothes make us look more authoritative while others might give out a more fun and casual vibe.

Does Fashion Influence Us Or Do We Influence Fashion Trends?

This is a sort of question like “Who came first, the egg or the chicken”.  Fashion trends are something that naturally happen. They can be based on certain seasonal factors, cultural factors or other similar factors.

Fashion can influence us in many different ways however when we talk about the source of influence for fashion trends, then the cycles comes back to us. The celebrities also play their part in influencing fashion. Certain fans tend to wear what their favorite celebrities to wear. For example if Beyonce wears a certain dress, you would see hundreds and thousands of stores all over the world sell that same dress. Some might even offer replicas at a relatively lower price.

On the other hand fashion influences each and every one of us as well. If you are part of a fashion society, your peers might roll their eyes at you if you don’t follow the latest fashion trends. It can affect your relationship with your peers. Fashion can also help us become more confident. Looking good generally makes us feel confident but when you are following the latest trend, people would turn their heads to look at you. You can feel important and accepted.

Latest Trends

We have already established that fashion trends follow a cycle. People influence fashion by buying more of a certain item and then fashion influences people in a number of different ways.

Fashion is such a broad term and fashion trends don’t rely solely on the purchasing patterns of the general public. As mentioned earlier, fashion trends can also be affected by seasonal and cultural factors.

Cultural factors however are more dominant than regional factors. One thing is for certain, no matter where you are , when winter comes all the sweaters and coats are taken out and put up for dry cleaning. Fur coats, woolen hats and socks, gloves and mufflers are all some very trendy and necessary cloth items for the fall.

People can style their hair better in the fall as they can use extensions without having to worry about the sweat and the hot weather. If you can’t think of anything to wear in the fall, go for leather. It is stylish and can help to keep you warm in cold temperatures. Try to avoid metal jewellery in winter as that would get relatively colder as compared to plastic or fabric jewellery.

How Do I Determine My Fashion Sense

Many people might be influenced by what the celebrities are wearing but these days people tend to wear whatever they like. They like to make their own personalized fashion statement. Some of these personalized styles might not work for everyone but as long as they make you look and feel good you should keep rocking them!

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